Services & Expertises


- Real estate appraisals for :

Selling and purchasing: Whether you are planning on buying or selling, “The fair market value” remains an important element to base your judgment for the most important purchase of your life.

Legal aspect: Whether it be to settle a difference of opinion between parties “The fair market value” estimated by a professional appraiser member of OEAQ remains the reference before Court of Justice or mediation

• Estate settlement and tax planning: We can supply you with the information required to finalise your file with Taxation Canada-Quebec

Financing: In the era of negotiation with financial institutions, to obtain the better conditions for your real estate financing, one can supply you with the most pertinent information according to the specific of each financial institutions.

Expropriation: When a governmental body expropriates a part of your real estate you are entitled to obtain the better settlement in terms of market value. An independent real estate appraiser member of OEAQ can negotiate for you.

Insurance value: When you insurers advise you that he is not in a position to provide you with a rebuilding cost new for insurance purpose, the professional appraiser member of OEAQ can provide you with the reference for the insurable value particularity for customized residence.

Real estate development: As an investor looking for opportunity in land development, we can provide you with feasibility analysis of your project along with the current market value.

• Residential condominium : Our location in Mont-Tremblant has allowd us to develop an expertise on the appraisal of residential condominium units wheter it be divided or factionary ownership.

We have developed the most complete data bank to appraise condominium units at the Mont-Tremblant Resort and neighbourhood

Additional services :

• Work in progress inspection: To confirm at what level has progressed your construction project for finals disbursement from financial intuitions or private lenders.

Construction/renovation project: To estimate the building cost of your construction/renovation project with the current and projected market values.

Equipment: We have developed the expertise to appraise restaurant and lodging equipments