Appraisal process


1st step: Confirmation of appointment to visit the property

2nd step: Complete interior and exterior visit of residence and outbuilding if any

  • This visit allows us to gather the information on neighbourhood characteristics, specifications of the lot, construction details and quality of building materials retained
  • One takes note as well of documents such as certificate of location and tax bill.
  • During the visit numerous pictures are taken which will be included with the detailed document to be handed-in.

3rd step: Appraisal report is prepared from our office following research and analysis of comparable sales as well as computation of rebuilding cost new and depreciated of improvements.

Report is to be handed-in on the form retained by the “Ordre des Évaluateurs Agrées du Québec

4th step: Presentation of the report in our office or transmission can be made as well via internet and by mail.