A professional appraiser at your service

Évaluation André Charbonneau

We offer a professional and personnalized real estate appraisal service with Professionals Appraisers, member of Ordre des Évaluateurs Agréés du Québec. The office has been in operation since 1995 and has been steadly expanding over the years to serve an increasing clientele.

Our team:

Julien Bruyère, B.A.A., P. App, OEAQ, Professionnal Appraiser

Jade Dumortier, B.A.A., P. App, OEAQ, Professionnal Appraiser

Cindy Charron, B.A.A., Technician Appraiser.

André Charbonneau, Consultant / retired Appraiser

+ Technical support staff

  • More than 20 years experience of appraisals in the Laurentians and area.

The Professional Appraiser member of Ordre des Évaluateurs Agréés du Québec with the tittle P.App remains the only appraiser qualified to act in all categories of appraisals

Ordre des évaluateurs agrées du Québec

  • Residential-Single-Bi-Tri-Multi family units
  • Résidence haut de gamme
  • Commercial and light industrial
  • Farms-Agricultural land
  • Vacant lot in village center or recreational area.
  • Development project
  • Large scale lot
  • Distant lot

Specialized services:

  • Value represented by condominium unit in a pool of Syndicates of Co-owners.
  • Impact on market value servitudes, right of way
  • Appraisal for land locked lot

Whatever you are the buyer or the seller, the fair market value remains the most pertinent information you need for the most important investment that you will server make.